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Here's some lovely things these awesome people said about the newsletters and blog:


"Thanks for this email, and your posts...they really do seem to be coming at a time when it's much needed for me!"  - Christina on the "5 ways to help you say no" blog post.


"I love your blog!!! Life has been a living hell for me the past two years! All bullshit revolving around my children so I am really appreciating your blog because I am not ok!! Keep writing!!!  - Anonymous on the "I'm not ok" blog post.


"Every Tuesday I look forward to your free worksheets and Warrior e-mail!"  - Marina Papadimitriou


"I really wanted to say that i appreciate your emails/newsletters. It seems to be coming at a time in my life that i find myself with daily struggles. It’s nice to know that someone else has been there and found their place through it all." Christina V. on "The best gift I gave myself"

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