Authenticity Roadmap - Step 1 (+worksheet)


We've seen mantras and quotes like this all over the web:

"Be authentic." and "Live an authentic life." or "Your life and work should be authentic."

Yes! I want to be authentic too!!

But...wait...what does it mean? How do I get there?

Living an authentic life proved to be harder than I thought. After all, it is what I struggled with for years. 

I used to think the way of life that's taught to us by cultural and social programming was my only option. 

I never allowed myself the time to discover what I truly wanted or who I was at the core of my essence because I had believed it was all predetermined for me. 

So I naturally followed that one road. 

And of course, it failed. 

That's when I took charge of my own life, wiped my slate clean and began my journey to discover myself.

I came up with my very own definition of authenticity, and two years ago, I started to pursue it with all my passionate, open heart.

It goes like this:


I wanted to define each one of these areas for myself.

I created a Roadmap to Authenticity, a plan of action to guide me in living the life I want most.

I'm sharing it with you and hope you'll find it useful. Or pass it along to someone that might need this.

It has four steps, and you can get Step 1 below.

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I am here to offer the tools along the way, but the truth is you must be willing to do the work suggested in these worksheets. 

You have the freedom to decide when to do them, at your own pace, or never - either way I'm here to listen to any questions, suggestions or ideas you have.

Living in alignment with your real self can bring joy, progress, quality of life and true happiness. 

It's what we all want, isn't it?