Authenticity Roadmap - Step 3 (+worksheet)

Why is it always SO hard to take action?

Instead of beating my self up for not doing the things that would bring me closer to whatever it is I'd like to achieve and feeling guilty about it, I decided I'd release myself from the guilt and focus on my values instead.

I keep reminding myself of the value or emotion I want to feel, which makes it easier for me to take the right action in order to achieve it, as opposed to being stuck in the destructive emotions of guilt.

If you did step 1 and 2 of the Authenticity Roadmap (you can get them here and here if you don't have them), you'll have your top values and desires written out.

If you don't have these yet it's ok, do this at your own pace, or come back to it anytime in the future. And if you never do it, that's ok too.

Remember, no guilt!

This week you get to write out all the actions that you're able to take right now in order to get closer to your values/desires.

Consider: What is the one small step you can do this week?

Start with that. 

For example, can you read that book or research a potential online class or go to a free workout class? 

Think small, actionable steps you can do in the immediate future and then, you'll figure out each additional step as you go along.

Don't worry about having a set plan for the next month or year, that'll come to you.

Comment to let me know: Have you ever struggled with reaching a goal? Why do you think that was the case?