this is my story



  • Born in California, grew up in Greece, moved to Sacramento in 1997 lived there for 19 years. 

  • Became a graphic designer, and a fitness + donut lover at the same time.

  • Tried to follow the "normal" - culturally and socially - programmed way of life.

  • Failed miserably.

  • Felt broken, weak and afraid.

  • Discovered how resilient my heart is.

  • Found the courage and connected with my authentic self.

  • Moved to Greece in 2016.

  • I became comfortable in uncertainty and faced my fears.

  • Created this blog.

  • Living the life I'm meant to live!




I'm a full blooded Greek, but also a proud Californian. Born in Sacramento and raised in Greece, I returned to Sac-town in 1997 where I got my degree in Graphic Design and cultivated a love for Mexican food, local coffee roasters, maple-glazed donuts and experienced some pretty incredible moments.

I met all kinds of awesome people, some became life-long friends, others were lost along the way...I felt the pain of a broken heart, started my own creative business, I was loved unconditionally, went to Las Vegas more than a dozen times, and made plenty of embarrassing mistakes. I ate tons of delicious food, experienced a Tough Mudder, Spartan Beast and Shamrockin' Half Marathon all in a year, while I watched myself grow in a city that evolved in its own way.

Yet I still didn't feel satisfied...


I was afraid of failing, in what seemed like the only way to live life.

Having left Greece when I was 17, I always longed for the life I had missed, feeling I didn't quite belong. The first years in CA were emotionally rough but I finished college and my plans were to return to Greece. However, that didn't happen.

Instead, I felt the pressure of making it work where I was, getting a job that offered security and stability, building up my credit so I can get the house/ car/all the things, all the while having the cultural/societal expectations of getting married weigh down on me like a brick (watch my Big Fat Greek Wedding) and I didn't want to disappoint or seem like a failure since that's what pretty much everyone around me was doing. I thought it was the "normal" way of life and I had to do it too, without a second thought. So for years I tried and tried to succeed.

Except for one minor detail. Those weren't the things I wanted at all...

No one pressured me into doing anything...This was all my own doing because I was afraid of failing, I needed to show the world "Look! I'm succeeding too just like you!!" I pushed aside all the little voices that kept telling me to do otherwise. And kept insisting on making it work. Even though I was miserable in doing it.


i'm proof that one way of life doesn't fit all. 

Let's get one thing straight here: I 'm not judging that lifestyle at all. I had plenty of wonderful moments and don't regret most things I did, because it all lead me here. But it was still hard.

It simply wasn't the lifestyle that made me feel well, me!

This is exactly why this website exists.

If you live the life that makes you feel like you are your most authentic self,  you will thrive. If something feels forced it's never going to make you happy, no matter how much you try to make it work. 

I had longed for the lifestyle in Greece for way too long. How could I not see this is what I was missing?! Why was I forcing something to work when it clearly had reached an end point for me??

Since I failed miserably in trying to live a life I didn't want, I decided to find the courage to live a life I loved. 

So in August of 2016, after nearly 20 years in California I returned back to the place that always matched my energy. I finally moved back to Greece.

Of course I was terrified. But I went for it, despite all the fear and resistance.

Almost everyone told me I am making a huge mistake. But I didn't listen to any of that. I followed my inner voice and along with the loving support of my family, I took the leap.

  • For the first time in my life I wholeheartedly did exactly what I wanted to do, even if that meant I would disappoint others and follow a path that seemed wrong to most.

  • For the first time in my life I was brave enough to stand my ground, and be firm with my decision. It was tough, there was a lot of fear and uncertainty but I fought my most difficult battle, and am proud to have done it bravely.


we're made to live a life that feels aligned with our true desires, the kind that expresses our uniqueness, and it's way too precious to live it any other way!


And this journey lead me to create this blog. It has lead me to you. Right here, right now. 

This blog wouldn't exist if I hadn't moved to Greece. 

Being brave enough to live an authentic life doesn't require a dramatic change like mine. A shift in communication, along with some courage, kindness and self-compassion is all we need to battle through and ultimately live the life we most want!

So let's not waste another minute. Let's start the journey. I'm right here with you. 

We've got this!



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